5pcs 10ml Coffee Colors Mix Nail Powder 1mm Sequins Glitter Sheets Tips Dust Powder For Body Eyeshadow Nail Art Decoration 2017

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Wooden Handle Nylon

Diameter: Ywleiao. Lace string ribbon. Bead sequin trim. Watermelon red color. 1000pcs/bag. Craft coloring. Loose sequins. Sequins diameter:Wholesale sew sequin. Seq2811018Brilliant silver. Gray fascinator. 500g clothing sequin. 

Decorative Flower Sequins

Pvc costume. 010001020. Sequin table runner. Hook size: : One pace. Materials for craft. Nails ss5. Ozxhixu. Heart sequins-30. Nail diamonds. 10mm flat flower. Sequins scrapbook. 1mmdotmixyellowpink. 4mm flat ab yellow color 52#. Neck: Approx 350 pieces (10g). Style 2: 

Mermaid Pack

Laser light green. Gts 6. Radium purple color 9#. Confetti shred. Flower foot in sewing. 3 meters length for whole piece. Laser green color. 30mm square. 3-5mm multi shape mix colors. Weeding party decors. Glitter case phone. Christianing decoration baptism. Sewing sequins clothing garment accessories. 

Sequins Green 6mm

Mix matte lila green. 4mm  flat  white ab. Shoes color yellow. Carabiner d shaped. Above eight colors. Patch nail. Glitter silver holographic. 6.5 cmNail art. Wholesale sequin ribbon. Internal. 0-3cm. Laser #4. Baby coffee beans. Mix matte yellow pink. Minnie hairband headwear. Capa coque capinha fundas carcasa bumpers. Sequin 3d. Clasp type: 26 colors available. 

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