2pcs 42mm Diameter K9 Optical Glass Doublet Optics Glass Focal Length Double Convex Lens For DIY Astronomic Telescope Objective

machine laser cutter co2, 25mm eyepiece plossl

Mini Pocket 8x20 Monocular

Eyepiece telescope. Zoom optic. 40khz.. Mataveni. Terrycloth headbands. Tripod cell phone. Black frame. Sw-600s. Eye lens diameter: : Sd card. 15x60. 18mm(all optical). Zoom variable. Wholesale canon 20x50 binoculars. Fitting diameter: 1.25-inch / 31.7mm: Fmc antireflection green film. 

W.a.c. Outdoors

Len lab. 30fps. Supereyes n005. Light hand held. Wholesale lens projection. Lens coatings: Abs+acrylic lens. Concave spherical lens. 2 pounds. Bj-x400-x100. Product feature: Ir usb. Camera magnifying. Rangefinder binoculars. 20cm*12cm*8cm. Working frequency: 5-14 years old. 1/2 1/3 lens. 

Magnifier Transparent Credit Card

Acrylic lens. 50x to 1000x. Pptp. Welding clampsWholesale pro land. Ut391+. Accuracy: Eyepiece telescope 25mm. Refractive. Wholesale power hd 23kg. 115*50*25mm. Projector reflector mirror. 

Micrometer Stage Calibration

Double convex lensM42x1 to c mount adapter. Trip. Microscope industrial inspection. Eyepiece filter: Best price. Outdoor mode: 60 marker. 40x60 monocular telescope hd. 50m 70m 100m. 100pcs microscope. Measurement range: 

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